Pool Care and Maintenance

Your beautiful new dream pool has been installed by Northeast Georgia Pools and Spas and your family is enjoying it for hours a day. Your new pool is like your home and it has to be maintained on a regular basis to keep it clean, beautiful and heal
Our experienced and well trained pool technicians can maintain your pool for you on a weekly basis to keep it clean, fresh and safe for your family to enjoy for many years to come
Our affordable weekly pool maintenance includes:
Balance of Chemicals
Keep the Skimmer Baskets emptied
Shock if necessary
Clean the surface and bottom of your pool
Inspect your pool equipment
Contact us today for more information concerning our weekly maintenance of your new beautiful pool.
Seasonal Opening and Closing of Your Pool
Summer is over and it's now time to winterize your pool to keep it healthy through the cold winter months ahead. We can prevent you from having costly repairs when it's time to open your pool for swimming season and balance your water for you for the up coming season.
We can cover your pool for you to keep the elements out that are normal to the cold winter months.
Call us before winter starts and let us prevent you from having the costly repairs and start up problems.